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  • Tracking the smartphone's Internet activity from your personal account with mSpy – you will be able to see the visited websites and bookmarks
  • Using our software you will get a unique option to record all calls received from the predefined number, which you will be able to set up on your own. The other offered option is the opportunity to record all incoming and outgoing calls using your personal account. Available exclusively for Android-based smartphones.
  • You have a great opportunity to track the call history, including the call duration, the time when the call was made and received, the phone numbers, and even the deleted call log history.
  • You receive unlimited and unrestrict access to the phone's address book
  • All tracked information is collected and posted in one panel.
  • Every single event created on the target cell phone is secretly nlogged and uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review
  • GPS tracking keeps you updated concerning your employees' activity, family members, or elderly people. View the current whereabouts on a convenient map in your Control Panel or check detailed route history in a specified period of time
  • All incoming and outgoing emails can be monitored via your mSpy Control Panel. The email history will display time, contact address, and contact name (if the sender's/recipient's email address is on the phone address book)
  • You can preview and download pictures, taken by the target phone's camera
  • If you want to record the surroundings or the conversations happening around the target device from your control Panel, for instance, to spy on meeting rooms, mSpy will be perfect choice for you!
  • Allows user to track Skype chats and calls on iPhones/iPads of your own choice.
  • SMS tracking includes the phone number, date, time, and the text itself; whether the message was incoming or outgoing. This information can be accessed through your personal Control Panel.
  • Every video shot with the phone (even those taken before mSpy installation) is logged and uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review. You will also access deleted video files.
  1. Purchase mSpy

    Buy mSpy directly from this website. Choose which option you would like, either Home or Business, then complete the order form with your information. Please note your contact information will not appear on the targeted cell phone. Mspy can not be detected by the targeted device.

  2. Install and Set Up

    You have to physically have the device you wish to track before you can proceed. Check your email to view the confirmation which will have the link and the login information. This will set up your personal Control Panel. Log into the Control Panel then follow our Set Up Wizard. The Set Up Wizard will guide you into how mSpy works. Remember: mSpy cannot be detected by your target, it works in a 100% invisible mode.

  3. Start Tracking

    mSpy will begin tracking the cell as soon as installation is complete. You will able to track GPS location of the mobile device, see sms messages, calls and other activities taking place. Your web-based Control Panel gives you access this information at any time.